Matthew 4 :: Temptation of Jesus

Posted: January 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

Sometimes I prepare sermons for fun and since I do not have a stage in which to present this sermon the only form of communicating this sermon is via the blog. AND, the contents of this blog really moved me and I wanted the same for anyone who reads this.

Also, sermon format is way easier for me to expound on ideas than writing is and no one wants to read pages and pages of material. Therefore, I just want to condense the points to mere paragraphs without unpacking the ideas any great amount.

It is important to remember Jesus’ humanity. What did Jesus go through at the Garden of Gethsemane? How did he feel when Lazarus died? He knew He could raise him from the dead. What was it like for Jesus to be betrayed by Judas even though He knew it was coming. His reaction proves to us that He felt, that He was human. Its important to remember He was human, or else these temptations hold no weight. “We have a sympathetic High Priest” -Heb 4.

Satan’s first temptation of Jesus is not what most people think it is. They usually just preach Him being tempted 3 times. I observed something different. Satan attempts to place doubt in Jesus’ mind that He isn’t God. At this point in Jesus’ life He hasn’t really made any impact on the world at all, and He is 30 years old. Isn’t that how Satan operates? Right on the cusp of something great, Satan attempts to crush your spirits and introduce doubt into the equation. Good thing Jesus finds hope in the Scriptures and not Himself (that sounds almost wrong to type).

The second temptation of Satan to Jesus is for comfort instead of submitting himself to the teachings of God.  Jesus responds beautifully by saying, “Its not the physical satisfactions that bring about real life. Rather its the word, the teachings and the instructions of God.” So we can have life on this planet, but without observing the ordinances of God we have existence and not LIFE.

Thirdly, the temptation of Jesus for safety and protection is given by Satan. This is a pretty hefty temptation for Jesus because He knows what is coming for Him. He knows why He came to earth and He knows how its going to end for Him. We see this being a hard pill for him to swallow when He is in the garden because He says “If it is possible, take this cup from me”. But Jesus proves, right at the beginning of His ministry that the will of His Father is more important then His own will. Not only does God know more about our greater good than we do, but his will is more important for us to follow then our own.

Next is the temptation of popularity, ownership and having all our His needs met. This temptation hit me more than any of the other because here is what the offer is: everything that you and I spend our lives trying to get, whether is money, jobs, relationships, fame, or food, Jesus is being offered at this point. Everything that we say, “If i could just make more money then my life would get way better. If I could just find that one person to live the rest of my life with, then i’ll be happy.”  If i could just _______ then all my worries would go away. Jesus, in that moment is offered everything that we could possibly want on this earth and His response is, “I will serve God and God alone, for He is better.” He is better than money, fame, food, relationships. And the crazy thing is that He actually believes it. I want to believe it, but its hard.

The end.


  1. Ashley Short says:

    Very well described, Isaac. Certainly makes you think about what sorts of temptations we face and how we should respond if we are following Christ’s example. Also, it makes the temptations Jesus faced far more personal and understandable. Thanks for making me think!

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