Sports Center

Posted: September 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

There is a story playing on Sports Center today about a player from the New York Yanks that pretended like he was hit by a pitch. To the naked eye it was pretty obvious that the ball did in fact strike the player near his elbow and his reaction was expected. However, “upon further review” (good football term) it was pretty evident that the ball actually bounced off of the end of his bat and did not strike the player at all.

The game continues on and the Yanks begin to make a come back. However, if this player would not have been granted 1st base and had been honest about the fact that the ball didn’t strike him, then the outcome of the game could have been very different. This event was so catastrophic that Sports Center dedicated a good 20 minutes reviewing the footage and having professionals comment on whether they thought that this incident was cheating or was it part of the game- part of a competitors responsibility to win.

I found this story very compelling because of all the airtime it was given. There has never been 20 minutes dedicated to whether or not a soccer player was cheating or not when he did a fake dive to try to fool the ref into blowing his whistle to award a penalty kick. There has rarely been any talk condoning soccer players diving (other than by football players who think they are weak for falling to the ground, or by american’s who do not understand the game but think that they do).

Acceptance is not a universal idea. For some people, one needs to use any advantage possible to gain ground over an opponent. And for other people (people of a different sport) it is not right for someone to take advantage of the different situations that come a players way.

The very same idea is true in the practice of faith.

What one group finds ok in practicality, another group in another location may find that very thing heretical. The matter of dispute doesn’t have to be one of great weight either. I am not talking about doctrine or anything foundational to religion. Rather, I am more so speaking about preference and practice.

I didn’t know that this way the case to the degree that I experienced when I spent some time in the Northwest. The foundations of the faith were the same in doctrine and belief but there was just a completely different feel. A more sincere attitude when it came to faith. I don’t want to bash the Bible belt completely, but in this instance it is an example that sheds light on the situation. I don’t want to give specific examples about the difference between here and there in this post, rather I wanted plainly to point out the fact that some ideas, even though completely different, can be whole heartily accepted depending on who and where you are even though to one group its almost sinful action. It doesn’t make the other person wrong for feeling this way. It comes down to preferences. It comes down to how someone was raised. It comes down to what has been socially accepted. It comes down to perspective. And as far as perspective is concerned, the field of vision is wide open.


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